Sleep is as important as diet and exercise. According to scientific research, sleep restores us physically and aids in organizing things in our brain. Whatever the reason is we do know that we can’t do without it! Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. However, there are people who function adequately with only six hours of sleep nightly and do not feel sleepy or drowsy during the day. However, it is a common reality that when you feel sleepy, you easily lose concentration and experience mood changes, mostly of irritability or depression. Breakthroughs believe that many aspects of sleep are genetically controlled and that is why there are people who cope with lack of sleep more easily than others do.

Sleep cycles

The sleep pattern changes during the night in cycles of about ninety minutes, and in every cycle there is dream time that we often do not remember, some of them short, some of them longer. The brain is very active while we sleep, with some areas of it using more oxygen and glucose while we sleep than it does while we are awake. At the onset, we go into a deep sleep and as the night progresses we sleep lighter. Unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to fall asleep and this is something beyond our control, we can only create the right sleeping environment, like darkness and a comfortable bed and mattress.

The right mattress for comfort

Many people like to sleep on a futon or a mattress with a mattress overlay on an existing mattress. At Phiten Singapore stores, you can purchase Phiten Micro Titanium Mattresses that not only help you to have a better sleep, but also help you with relief from any body pains.  The Phiten Titan Fit mattress aids the recovery from back injuries as it is permeated with X30 Aquatitan. There are 30 times more concentration of Aquatitan permeated in each strand of the cover fabric. The Titan Fit mattress is made of high-resistance cold foam urethane, high-quality natural foam that adjusts to the contour of your body easily provides breathability, and is most durable.

Phiten titanfit mattressBenefits of Phiten products on sale at Phiten Singapore stores.

  • Help improve rate of recovery from fatigue and muscle strain
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Daily Exercise to stay healthSleep and altitude

The higher the altitude, the greater the sleep pattern is disrupted. As a rule, sleep disturbance is caused at an altitude of 13,200 feet or above as the level of oxygen is diminished, and accompanied by changes in respiration. It usually takes about two to three weeks for the body to adjust to the higher altitude.


Doing exercise regularly makes falling asleep easier and it contributes to a sounder sleep. The stimulation of exercising just before going to bed is not a good idea as it makes falling asleep difficult.