Why we should wear sun screen

Protecting your skin from the harm of UV rays from the sun is becoming more and more important then “How to protect your skin from UV rays?”  Sun protection is especially necessary with skin cancer becoming so widespread in the hotter countries around the globe. Even on the few days in the heat of summer when the sun is not particularly hot and in winter when days are not so long, the UV rays are still attacking exposed skin. For this reason, you should use sun protection, particularly on your face when outside, every day of the year.

Why we should wear sun protection?

The sun’s rays

Ultra violet (UV) rays come in three forms- UVA, UVB, and UVC. The ozone layer absorbs most UVC rays, but, UVA and UVB rays penetrate the atmosphere and cause sunburn and aging damage. The UVA rays in the atmosphere form about 95% of radiation and are present in daylight hours in the shade as well as in the sun. UVA rays can penetrate our skin much deeper than UVB rays and are accountable for tanning, aging, and development of skin cancer.

Whereas UVB rays also play a part in aging, sunburn, and developing skin cancer, the intensity is different with their strength far greater at midday during summer months but nevertheless UVB rays do remain dangerous throughout the year with affecting the upper layers of the skin.


Sun protection factorPhiten skin care products application

The rating, people consider when they buy sun cream is the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number stated on it for the duration of being in the sun before starting to burn. For example, SPF 15 sun cream would allow time in the sun protection 15 xs longer than if you were not using sun cream. The rating also relates to the amount of UVB rays filtered out by the sun cream, with SPF 15 filtering out 93%, whereas, SPF 30 can filter out 97%. UVA protection is measured differently than UVB with the stars indicating how high the UVA protection is as a percentage of the SPF rating. This means that an SPF 20 sun cream with 4 stars may actually have less protection than that of an SPF 30 with three stars. Instead of a star rating sometimes, the letters UVA appear in a circle.

It is best to use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher as other types may prevent sunburn but they will not be protection against skin cancer. As sun damage tends to build up over time it is essential for sunscreen to be used daily, even if the weather is only cloudy.

AquaGold UV cut gel

Phiten, Aqua Gold UV gel for the sun comes in a convenient to handle 40ml tube and is good protection against ultra violet rays. It can be worn daily as a base under make-up, otherwise on its own.

Don’t skimp when applying your sunscreen! Studies have revealed that many people do not apply their sunscreen thickly enough and so are only receiving a far lower SPF than they suppose they are. Two tablespoons are considered as the adequate amount to apply.