At some time or other, we all experience demands made that stress us out. Has stress become a way of life naturally? We always think of stress as only bad, but stress that occurs within our comfort zone can also be a benefit to us. Performing under pressure can prove motivational and make us strive to do our best. It can only be damaging for health, mood swings, or have an affect on the quality of our life when it reaches the stage of being overwhelming.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress

Stress is the way your body reacts to demands, by the nervous system releasing stress hormones such as adrenaline and Cortisol that encourage the body to charge into action. The heart beats hurriedly and our blood pressure rises quickly, revving up our reaction time.

Under normal circumstances, stress is a help for keeping us energetic, alert, and focused.  Stress sharpens concentration, keeps us on our toes or motivates us for study purposes. However, when it is not in our comfort zone the pressure caused by stress can begin to damage the health of our mind and body.

Even little things can have an impact and become stressful. A good example of this is having an aching stomach before presenting a speech. Very few people are capable of   addressing a crowd without any prior nervous qualms. Stress that is more acute like sudden fear from an attack is capable of causing a more major impact on us.

It has been proven through studies that a sudden emotional stress, particularly that of anger, can start off a heart attack, arrhythmias, or even sudden death. Especially those people, who already suffer from heart disease, are at risk. There are also people who are completely unaware that they have any problem until through stress a heart attack is caused.

Stress and Ability

When stress starts interfering with your normal way of life for a length of time it becomes dangerous, and the longer it lasts, the worse it becomes for mind and body. Chronic stress can make concentration impossible, worsen existing problems and be constantly irritable.

Backpain caused by stress

Reducing Stress Levels

Identify the cause of the stress and develop a plan for addressing the problem, list and prioritize commitments, and do away with unessential tasks.

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Discuss problems with family members or close friends and let them know you are going through a rough patch. The support and advice they provide can give you a fresh perspective on how to avoid the cause of the stress.