Best way to protect your skin from UV rays

Why should we use sunscreen?

It is important to protect the skin from the harm of UV rays. However, sun exposure is essential to us.  To be protected from the sun’s rays is to keep skin cancer at bay. Nowadays, skin cancer is widely spread, especially in hotter countries. The direct exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) rays is proven to be harmful to the skin. For this reason, you use sun protection.

Protection from sun exposure

The Strands of Sun Protection

Consumers use sunscreen for taking prevention from direct sun exposure. When one has to be outside, it is important to use sunscreen, which comes in different sun protection factors (SPFs). For example, an SPF 15 sunscreen would allow time in the sun with protection 15 times longer than if you were not using the product. The SPF 15 filters out the 93%. Whereas, with SPF 25 filters out 97%. It is best to use sunscreen with SPF 25 to prevent sunburn. It is vital to use sunscreen daily.

Phiten Aquagold UV cut gel

Phiten Aqua Gold UV Gel with SPF PA++25

is a sunscreen that protects the skin during direct sun exposure. It can be worn as a base under the makeup daily. It comes in 400 ml tube. Do not skimp when applying your sunscreen! Studies have revealed that many people do not apply their sunscreen thick enough, which results to receiving a far lower SPF than they are supposed to benefit from. An amount equal to two tablespoons is enough to apply on to skin.