The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) has just begun. It is a good time of the year to spend without too much stress on your budget. The top deals and great discounts are available at the different mall outlets.

Stock up on beauty products, household items or any selected best-buys as you shop in advance for your Yuletide presents during this annual sale. From June to mid-July, the Singapore’s biggest sale will be knocking at your doors for various marked down products.

Benefits of Phiten Membership
Phiten implements its storewide members’ promo, Buy 4 Phiten items for the Price of 3, during GSS. The cheapest Phiten product among the four selected items is our gift to you. This promo is available without any minimum spend. It is certainly a great deal for our Phiten loyal customers. We also have members’ exclusive promos to watch out for.

All Phiten wellness items are part of this members’ deal. These include sleeping goods, tapes, supporters, life technology products, accessories, body care and foot care items, and apparels. Surprise packages will also be given away for both Phiten members and non-members at Great Singapore Sale.

Phiten Accessories: Top Picks for Father’s Day
For members who are still undecided what to give their dads on Father’s Day, Phiten accessories are best gift selections. You can choose necklaces or bracelets as your gifts. Take advantage of the promo and save on the fourth item.

Sleep Tight with Phiten Products
The GSS is a good venue where members can buy their family a new bed like Phiten’s relaxing Titanfit mattress. This mattress brings a soothing and soft texture to attain a sound, longer, and better relaxation when you sleep at night.
Using Phiten’s pillows and pillowcases, these stimulate the acupressure points in your head and neck. Along with the blankets and sleeping apparels, all these eliminate potential sources of bedroom discomforts.

Improve your Performance Using Phiten Tapes
Phiten’s tapes have ever since been a favorite of many customers, from family members, elderly, students, top-class athletes and even housewives. By regularly using Phiten tapes, you can attain better health and improved performance in your daily activities.

Mobility Issues Addressed with Phiten Supporters
Phiten supporters are designed to aid the basic mechanism of the human body. Top athletes, farmers, children, and even the elderly can benefit from regular use of Phiten body supporters. Whatever problem area you have, Phiten supporters give comfort to almost every body part.

Relaxing Household Equipment
Phiten products under this category include the Hyperbaric Air Therapy, Hybrid Water Charger, Toe Massager, and Solarch Foot Massager. These technology products are designed for ‘home care and self-care.’ They provide the needed household care facilities at home.

Double Member Points
Phiten members are encouraged to visit Phiten outlets during the GSS promo. Double your member points for the three products purchased.

Best Offers for New Members
If you become a Phiten member, the benefits are greater with many promo items and freebies at very good rates. The GSS is simply one of the platforms to give you a taste of Phiten. Visit our online store or Phiten outlets for more details. Happy GSS wise spending!