A complete range of products that will help you get a more relaxing and revitalizing sleep.

Speed up Relief from Body Pain and Aid Recovery

Phiten Micro Titanium Mattresses not only help you sleep better but also aid recovery from back ache and injuries due to improper position while sleeping.

Distribute Body Pressure Across the Mattress for a More Relaxing Sleep

Uses Urethane Foam – a high-quality, natural foam that is resilient enough to adjust to the contours of your body. This type of foam also provides breathability and is highly durable.

Helps Eliminates the Factors that Cause Snoring

Silicon balls are also strategically placed in the pillow to stimulate the acupressure points to provide a refreshing feeling when the head is laid down on the pillow. This innovative pillow also focuses on promoting good and comfortable sleep.

Aquametal Technology Benefits

TitanFit Mattress is permeated with X30 Aquatitan – 30 times more concentration of Aquatitan present in every strand of the cover fabric.

how can we get the enough sleep that we need?

Phiten introduced a solution to make our sleeping condition more conducive for resting and relaxation by coordinating our “resting environment” with sleeping products that help reduce body stress; thus promoting a longer healthier and restful sleep.


Store Location

With multiple outlets spread throughout Singapore, we made it easier for you to access our stores and get the Phiten product that you want. You can click the image link below or scroll down to see all our store locations.


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