How often do you toss and turn when you sleep? What’s your favorite position in bed? Are you a side sleeper? Or probably you like sleeping with your back flat on the bed? Are you a stomach sleeper?

Do you often wake up at night? How is it like the next day? Are you feeling restless, tired and drained? Is this scenario familiar to you?

Difficulty in sleeping

Experiencing a sleepless night is common to everybody. For some, this can be a burden if it persists for days or weeks. This can be frustrating and can have a negative impact on your health. You are prone to being moody if you do not have adequate rest. Little to no rest can make you easily irritated to small things. Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours is an optimal time for resting at night. In reality, most adults do not even get an average of 6 hours of sleep per night.

Poor sleep affects health

Essentially, if you are lacking 6 hours of sleep daily, this can impact your overall health. This can weaken your immunity and this can have many detrimental effects on your well-being. Below are simple tips to get a good sleep.

Regular exercise  Power off electronic gadgets  Cool room and lights off 

Power off. All of your electronic gadgets, including your TV, can interrupt you when you are about to sleep. It is recommended turning them off at least 20 minutes before hitting your bed. Any form of distraction should be eliminated. This includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other distracting equipment. By turning them off, this gives a signal to the brain to also shut off to rest. The electronics excessive emitting light can affect your sleep.

Cool room and lights off. A cool dark room is one way of preparing an appealing sleep environment. It would be difficult to fall asleep a warm room without any ventilation. Experiencing hot while sleeping can disrupt your night’s rest.

Use white noise. For some people, they can’t sleep in a very quiet room. Some prefer to put their TV on for them to fall asleep. In cases such as this, you can have a white noise in the background from a white noise machine, smartphone, MP3 player or electric fan to help you sleep right away.

Exercising before bedtime. Getting a good night’s sleep is easier when you exercise. A body workout in the morning or earlier part of the day is helpful to sleep easily. But exercising very close to bedtime can disrupt your sleep. A good workout earlier in the day can make feel more tired at night, helping you to sleep easily. Also, exercising can relieve stress. Stress is one of the causes that prevent you from getting a good night sleep.

Perfect mattress to rest. One best approach to get a good night’s sleep is having a good mattress. This serves as a ‘foundation’ of achieving a restful feel. A good mattress is not a standard bed for everyone. It is your resting space that is the right mattress that provides your needs. Some prefer a soft mattress that follows their body contours and less hassle when you toss and turn around the bed. Others like a firm mattress. Still, some want a not-too-soft or hard a mattress something in the middle. Treat your mattress as something personal. Choose a mattress where you are comfortable with sleeping to ensure that you will get a good night’s sleep.

Phiten’s Titanfit Mattress X30

For people who like a comfortable mattress to achieve a relaxing and sound sleep during the night, Titanfit Mattress X30 is a good choice. Embedded in the fabric’s processing component is the 30X more Aqua Titan technology, which provides a soothing and soft texture to bring a sound, longer, and better form of relaxation as you sleep.

Titanfit Mattress X30 is a multipurpose and non-toxic mattress that enables utmost support to relieve your tired muscles and ensure a quick remedy for body aches. This mattress will surely give a needed relief from body pains and help you in recovering from back injuries brought by poor sleeping positions. Also, it guarantees you to have the right body pressure dispersion that keeps an upright position, which helps you to sleep right away.

Titanfit Mattress X30 uses urethane cold foam, which is a highly resilient quality. It is a natural foam that easily adjusts to your body contours. The mattress’ cold foam provides breathability (absorbs moisture) and durability, which makes it a good investment. Also, it can be used as an overlay for your regular mattress or as a futon (Japanese traditional bedding).

Phiten’s relaxing pillows

Phiten’s Titanfit Mattress X30 can be paired with several pillow types such as AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow Hill, AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow, and AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow Zero F. These pillow types were created with AQUAGOLD technology that relieves stress, combats fatigue, and gives you a true form of relaxation.

The AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow Hill and AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow were developed with cold foam compounded with 5 Aqua Gold Silica Balls, which suitably provide the necessary support giving comfort to your head and neck, along with better blood circulation, as you sleep at night.

AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow Zero F’s prominent feature is the open free hole found at the center of the pillow. This reduces the potential strain in both the occipital (back area) and temporal (neck) regions in the head. The pillow’s shape is made specifically to meet the ideal sleeping posture. When you rest your head on the pillow, it provides relaxing and comfortable feeling when you sleep.

Phiten’s high-quality pillowcase

Achieve a well-rested body and good sleep using the Star Series X30 Pillow Case with high-quality silk materials and embedded with 30X more AquaGold technology, which strengthens the immune system, helps to better absorb nutrients, and aids in cell regeneration. Also, it has antibacterial agents, fits almost any pillow size, and gets rid of unwanted odor that is commonly present during regular use.

Aside from eliminating odorous scents, the Star Series X30 pillowcase perfectly fits the popular Shiatsu Pillow, both providing a stress-free feeling necessary to have a relaxing and sufficient rest at night. The fabric is highly stretchable that fits any pillow you use. For other Phiten’s sleeping products, you can visit Phiten Sleeping Goods.