The activities and the choices that you make each day have an impact on how well you can sleep at night. Always be reminded that a daily routine to achieve good sleep is necessary. A better sleep is never automatic. You have to condition your body and prepare to relax your mind to eventually achieve a deep sleep.

Below are some of the tips to remember during the day that can contribute to a good night’s sleep:

Don’t drink coffee in the afternoon

Don’t drink coffee in the afternoon

Whenever you forget this reminder, expect to experience the irritating tossing and turning in the middle of the night. Know how to follow simple rules. Instead of taking a dose of caffeine during your usual afternoon break, try strolling outside, eat a light snack or treat yourself with a cup of tea or better drink a decaf coffee.

Regular exercising

Regular exercising

Exercise has benefits for the body, mind, and soul. It has a positive effect that can help you sleep soundly at night. Plan a weekly routine that involves a combination of leisure exercising and strenuous activities. This is one way of strengthening your muscles and increasing your metabolism. These are necessary to give time for the body to recharge, restore energy, and prepare for the next rigorous activity the next day. Avoid working out three hours before hitting the bed or your endorphins can keep you awake with active spikes of energy. Other reminders prior to sleeping are as follows.

Shut off all gadgets an hour before sleeping  Avoid Reading books on mobile and tablet\  Sip a cup of warm water or chamomile tea

Shut off all gadgets an hour before sleeping. Our brains are easily stimulated by the emission of light from our electronic screens. This can bring confusion to your mind and body. Your body may want to rest already but the signals create a conflict sending the brain to continue working. Close the screen an hour before going to bed. Refrain from browsing your Instagram of Facebook. This can be done in the morning.

Create a list what goes around your mind. Our busy schedules make our minds experience difficulty in shutting down. As multitasking has been part of how we live daily, when it is time to rest or sleep, all our to-do list simply grows exponentially. Practice listing down all your tasks for the next morning or you will keep on thinking about them and can cause stress on you. By doing so, you can focus more on what you need to do. This eases the mind conditioning that you have to rest first and forget about your worries temporarily.

Sip a cup of warm water or chamomile tea. Drinking a warm drink promotes the nervous system’s relaxation. It can soothe your mind and calm the body before bedtime.

Reading a real book. Reading can easily tire your eyes and help you to sleep faster. With the presence of Kindle, iPad, and other online gadgets, it would be better to read a physical book to help you feel sleepy right away. Do not read suspense stories that will keep you tense and read longer.

Invest in your mattresses and pillows

A good sleep is vital to attaining a quality of life. Unable to experience a rejuvenating sleep overnight, you become more sensitive to all sorts of pain and stress. A minor fatigue can have a throbbing effect on your senses. Sleep will always be your best weapon to combat the daily life’s struggles. These are the reasons we are advised to choose a good mattress and relaxing pillows.

Proper body alignment, no aches

Experts say people need to realize the value of good health by keeping the proper alignment of the spine during sleeping and investing in a good mattress and pillows. Buy mattresses and pillows that whenever you wake up the next day you may have very slight or no aches at all.

Bed considerations

For a good mattress, four considerations should be satisfied. These include support, comfort, durability, and space. First, support deals with keeping the spine aligned despite the number of tosses and turns on the bed. Comfort is dependent on the material composition of the bed or the upholstery layers. Too soft or too hard mattress can impact the body to lose its neutral alignment. This causes discomfort or restlessness when sleeping. Space is related to the movement a sleeper makes while on the bed. He should have some personal space to turn and toss with ease. It can be problematic with people with partners on the bed. Also, it should be noted that a mattress does not last forever. Its maximum lifespan is 10 years regardless of its brand. Its quality deteriorates through the years. So an old mattress needs to be changed.

Phiten’s quality mattress

To achieve a relaxing and sound sleep at night, Titanfit Mattress X30 is a perfect choice. It has 30X more Aqua Titan technology, embedded in the fabric’s processing component, which brings a soothing and soft texture to attain a sound, longer, and better relaxation as you sleep.

Titanfit Mattress X30 is the multipurpose and non-toxic mattress that enables utmost support to relieve your tired muscles and ensure a quick remedy for body aches. This mattress will surely give a needed relief from body pains and aid in recovering from back injuries brought by poor sleeping positions. Also, it guarantees you to have the right body pressure dispersion that keeps an upright position, which helps you to sleep right away.

Titanfit Mattress X30 uses urethane cold foam, which is a highly resilient quality, natural foam that easily adjusts to the body contours. The mattress’ cold foam provides breathability (absorbs moisture) and durability, which makes it a good investment. Also, it can be used as an overlay for your regular mattress or as a futon (Japanese traditional bedding).

Comfortable pillow

AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow Zero F’s prominent feature is the open free hole found at the center of the pillow, which minimizes the potential strain in both the occipital (back area) and temporal (neck) regions in the head. The pillow’s shape is made specifically to meet the ideal sleeping posture. When you rest your head on the pillow, it provides relaxing and comfortable feeling when you sleep. For more details of other Phiten’s sleeping and bedding goods, Visit Phiten online Store.