An injury to your body can occur at any time, anywhere. Maybe you’ve overstretched and pulled a muscle while retrieving an object placed very high up, twisted an ankle after tripping over an object you didn’t notice, knocked over while playing a sport, or injured in a car accident. To aid in the healing process, you are going to need a supporter on the injured body part. Preferably, you ]need support that is comfortable to wear, can keep you mobile, and does not put a strain on your movements.
Reasons for wearing body support

High-quality supporters, help to relieve pain, improve your mobility and support natural healing of the injury.  With Phiten, there is a good choice of top of the range quality supporters for every part of the body. The Phiten philosophy is realizing the potential of restoring the mind and body to a natural state of relaxation from fatigue or stress. Through research and technology their products provide you with excellent support from an injury to lead a more comfortable daily life.

Every Phiten product contains unique materials incorporating a process of metals broken down into microscopic particles dispersed in water. This is what makes these supporters differ from the rest of the available supporter brands.  As well, our supporters are especially designed to suit all Asian sizes, while other brands only concentrate on manufacturing support products suitable for the Western sizes.

Special unique features of Phiten supporters

Aqua Titan: Phiten’s success of dispersing microscopic titanium particles in water enables Aquatitan to be embedded into every strand of material used for their supporters. By simply wearing the supporters it allows the body to regain inherent relaxation.

Aqua Palladium: Through Phiten’s success of dispersing microscopic Palladium particles in water, it is contained in Phiten’s supporters as it is known to have antioxidant functions.

What is so beneficial about wearing Phiten supporters is that they can be worn comfortably all day and night. While other supporters are worn tight and restrict movement, it becomes uncomfortable when worn over a long period of time. This is due to the blood circulation being restricted by the compression of the supporter. However, by removing the supporter the pain still continues to be felt in the concerned area. Whereas, with the Phiten supporter, you find that when the supporter is removed the swelling has subsided and there is far less pain felt.

Phiten Knee SupporterKnee supporters with Aquatitan and Aqua Palladium Technology help to relieve pain providing stabilization for improving knee and surrounding muscle function.

Phiten Titanium Supporters are beneficial for top athletes and for anybody with an injury needing a support.  The supporters range from knees or elbows to ankles or back. No matter if the need is for firm support or the more gentle ones made out of thinner materials, there is one from Phiten that fits the need.