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Bring professional massage therapy into your home with the Solarch Foot Massager. Intelligently designed, the Solarch targets pain in the balls of the feet with precision-designed jets and air cushions to massage pressure points and promote recovery.
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In just 8 minutes, the Solarch targets the three sources of discomfort to deliver relief and recovery:


Cushioned air pads wrap around the long muscles of your instep to flex and lengthen short, tired muscles.


Carefully positioned air jets target pressure points on the soles of the feet to ease stiffness and promote healthy blood circulation.


Just like a real massage therapist, the Solarch’s precision air cushions and jets spread and flex the toes to strengthen the metatarsal area.

Foot Cover

The Foot Cover has anti-bacterial properties and is detachable to make it easier to clean.

Base Stand

Massage intensity can be adjusted by using the base stand. Extending the base stand and stretching your knee will increase the intensity of the massage.

Solarch Foot Massager

Solarch Foot Cover

The foot cover are permeated with Phiten technology (Aqua Titanium Aqua Palladium). This unique AquaMetal™ Technology helps to relax and energize your body.

Aqua Titan & Aqua Palladium Technology

Unique AquaMetal™ Technology

*Aqua Titanium: Titanium is a hypoallergenic and biocompatible metal widely used in medical devices known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

*Aqua Palladium: Palladium is a metal known for its anti-oxidant properties. It also aids in boosting the immune system.

Intensity Mode selection

I Gentle
A soft and slow flexing and stretching of the feet.
II Moderate
A more intense massaging of the feet while stretching the soles in a vertical and horizontal direction.
III Strong
A higher intensity of flexing and stretching of the feet in a vertical and horizontal direction.

Don’t let foot pain stop you from being active. With the Solarch, you can have a pain-free active lifestyle in the comfort of your very own home.

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