Get back on your feet and metatarsal pain in just

Bring professional massage to your home with the Solarch Foot Massager. Intelligently designed, the Solarch targets pain in the balls of the feet with precision-designed jets and air cushions to massage pressure points and promote recovery.


Bring the power of Aquamirum Water to
your own home

With Aquamirum, Phiten’s unique water charger not only filters and purifies the water, it provides a high quality of filtration that eliminates impurities and making it a healthier choice of drinking water.


Stress, air pollution and inadequate exercise all take a toll on the body’s respiratory system, compromising a finely tuned system designed to aid cellular repair. While deep breathing is often not enough to restore oxygen imbalances, Hyperbaric Air Therapy provides a smooth stream of oxygen that promote and support healing and many other benefits.