Sleeping Goods

Phiten recognizes that sleep is an essential and indispensable process. It allows recovery of the brain and the entire body.  Due to a number of factors, quality of sleep can be reduced, leaving individuals still tired and not fully recharged. As such, Phiten developed bedding and sleeping goods that contribute to better sleep and reduced body stress by applying its AquaMetal Technology to this product range. Carefully designed to make its users comfortable enough to fall into a deep sleep and wake up completely recharged to face another day with renewed strength.



Phiten Life Technology

Every Phiten product is infused with its very own AquaMetal Technology designed, like all of our products, to improve the user’s quality of life. This product range is composed of the Hyperbaric Air Therapy, Hybrid Water Charger, Hybrid Air Charger, and the Solarch Foot Massager.



Phiten has created a range of body support products, specially studied and tailored for the human body. With its AquaMetal Technology carefully researched and mastered by professionals in the field, our supporters have been found to be effective and beneficial for athletes and the general public. Whether it is the knees, elbows, ankles, or the back, Phiten supporters deliver the best results. Its firm and rigid supporters, as well as the more gentle and thinner ones, provide similar maximum support to any part of the body.


Phiten Supporters

Phiten Tapes & Lotion

Tapes, Gels & Lotions

Phiten’s Titanium Tape has become a favourite among the brand’s broad spectrum of customers – from top athletes to housewives. Targeting your areas of concern, these Titanium tapes provides the best and quickest relief from any muscle strain and pain. For those seeking a gentler alternative to these tapes, Phiten’s lotions and gels are equally effective in providing the comfort the body needs.



Take your accessories a notch higher by also achieving better health and well-balanced lifestyle. Phiten’s wide range of bracelets and necklaces, made from the brand’s unique AquaMetal Technology, allows you to maximize your full potential for everyday activities, while also leaving you relaxed and refreshed after a day’s work. Its elegant and classy finish also adds to its already impressive appearance as it comes in various colours. Now you can have something in common with some of today’s top athletes.


Phiten Accessories

Phiten Yuko Hair care

Yuko Hair Home Care

Created by Yuko Yamashita, in collaboration with Phiten, these hair care products Yuko’s expertise and Phiten’s AquaMetal Technology to provide strength and shine to the hair. Whether straight or permed, hair that is treated with Yuko Hair Products receive the right nutrients to make sure it stay healthy and strong.


Aqua Gold Beauty Care

Pink radiance that brings out the beauty in you. Let your skin experience the power of Aqua Gold.


Phiten IP Facial Care

Phiten Apparels


Phiten’s range of functional clothing contains AquaTitan from its AquaMetal Technology permeated into each and every strand of fabric. Our apparel provides the comfort and relaxation needed by the body to achieve optimum performance whether in physical or daily activities. It comes in a variety of colours and styles that will suit every family member’s preference. Our apparel perfectly combines styles and function into one high-quality product line.



One of Phiten’s main goals is to introduce a healthier and well-balanced lifestyle starting from personal items and extends to home furnishings. As such, furniture under the Phiten brand carries an assurance that these pieces are made from Japan’s best wood materials. Each item is carefully designed to provide not only aesthetic value, but also functionality.


Phiten Furniture