Phiten is deemed is a holistic brand that caters to anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. In the many years that it has been developing products — from accessories worn by professional athletes to sleeping goods beloved by families, some products have grown inseparable. According to the research and the brand’s customers, they’re best used in pairs or most effective when used to together.

Over time, these products have been dubbed as Phiten combos — go-to essentials that customers appreciate. In honour of a successful year and the loyal patronage of their users, Phiten launched an unprecedented, limited offer “Bestselling Combo” discount.

Phiten online combo offer discount

Phiten offered some its most popular items in pairs of two. For each pair purchase, users can save up to $58 — a huge discount for products people use every day. To make the promo more interesting, Phiten only gave this exclusive discount away to the first 20 customers to purchase the pair.

Some of the items included in this promo are the following:

  • Phiten Calf Sleeve and Ankle Supported (Hard Type) for $52 less
  • A pair of Elbow Supporters (Soft Type) for $34 less
  • A pair of Knee Supporters (Soft Type) for $58 less
  • Two pairs of AG Flat Insoles for $16 less
  • The Rakuwa Bracelet Duo and X50 Rakuwa Necklace for $34 less
  • The X30 Titan Tape and Warm Up Gel or Relax Gel for $40 less.

With the success of this promo, Phiten proved further that many of their products are effective and most powerful when used together. If you were not able to take part in this exclusive, flash promo, watch out for the next one. The mother of sales, the big finish for 2017 is Phiten’s much-awaited Year-End Sale.

Not only will different bestsellers be at a magnanimous discount all month long, Phiten will also be launching new products that you can look forward to. This is a sale you would want to enjoy.