Phiten Singapore’s launching of its two new additions to its product offerings will truly captivate the hearts of the young children and their family members.

The powerful technology behind the new mascots, HIRUPY and YORUPY, will soon be revealed at the Takashimaya Mall on October 20 to 22, 2017. The stuffed toys have paws embedded with Phiten’s METAX technology, which recharges the body from tension. A physical contact with the paws or whenever these toys are hugged by the kids, the children will easily calm down or feel relaxed after a tiring study time.

Recognized to promote children’s wellness as they play, HIRUPY is the white male cat stuffed toy. It is characterized as the best companion for kids that will help them to start their day full of energy and enthusiasm. They can enjoy their day’s school works without tiring easily.

HIRUPY represents an energetic boy and a sports lover pet. It has a positive behavior with great reflexes. All these features are transmitted to the kids playing them. Kids also imbibe the character of staying mentally alert while attending their classes.

YORUPY is the counterpart of HIRUPY during the night. It helps the children to continue their school work at home with vigor. When they sleep at night, it helps them to overcome fatigue and recover easily from school stress.

With HIRUPY in the day and YORUPY during the night, children are assured to perform well in school and attain good grades.

Phiten's new PHINYANS toys for kids

Come and join us for our product launch. Bring your whole family to the event. Freebies will be given away to everyone. Kids will enjoy some colouring sessions and selfies with the mascots.

Solarch massages for the family can be availed for free. Get the chance to know more about Phiten’s new mascots. Block the date and have fun with this exciting event. See you there!

PHINYANS Stuffed toys