In today’s lifestyle, it is very seldom that busy people get quality sleep. Bedtime rest will always be a necessity to all people of any age. Many of us are either stressed in many things or have sleep rituals to follow before we get the ideal night’s sleep that we aspire for.

Probably some still use the hard mattress that causes sore or muscle stiffness and backache every morning. People who frequently turn and toss in bed are prone to arm numbness or neck pain if they continue to stay in an awkward position for a long time.

With these common sleep issues, it is where the use of body pillows becomes essential for many families. Most body pillows are intended for side sleepers who seek a bedtime relaxation with extra care and comfort. They provide a better sleep experience and a much healthier slumber regimen.


General features of body pillows

With an elongated shape, a body pillow provides the needed support to any sleeper. It may come in different sizes and shapes. If you are conscious about its length, it is sufficient to provide support for your head, shoulders, back, and legs. Several body pillows have a length of over six feet.

A body pillow is designed to give your body excellent comfort, body relief, and guaranteed bedtime relaxation. These mattress-sized pillows are created to provide your body a full support for your back or extremities. They help to get rid of discomfort and pain experienced at pressure points, particularly in the knees and elbows. A body pillow can also help in reducing the number of tosses and turns at night by cradling you securely when using it.

Phiten’s Star Series Shiatsu Body Pillow

As part of Phiten’s mission of promoting wellness among its customers and expanding its sleep product offerings, Star Series Shiatsu Body Pillow is added to its roster of pillow products that promote pain relief, full relaxation, and quality sleep.

Star Series Shiatsu Body Pillow’s unique feature is its three-dimensional shape in its inner structure that holds the material inside the pillow to stay intact and this cannot be bent in the opposite direction. With this pillow, whatever movement you do or how much you hug the body pillow, utmost support to your head can be achieved.

Phiten body pillow decrease ear pressure  Phiten body pillow comes with non stretchable gussets and inner barrier

Phiten’s body pillow composition

With the research collaboration of Phiten’s resources and a recognized therapist, Star Series Shiatsu Body Pillow is created as a perfect pillow that can maintain your best posture even when sleeping. A natural spine curvature is supported without compromising the pillow’s softness and smooth texture. The body pillow has the dimensions of about 53cm wide and 120cm long.

Boasting its marshmallow-like texture, Star Series Shiatsu Body Pillow is a combination of three different materials such as pulverized low-rebounding urethane, ultra-fine foamed beads, and microfiber cotton. All these materials contribute to perfectly attain a balanced and optimal comfort.

Keeping up with the body pillows’ position for daily use

The best use of a body pillow depends on the position that enables you to relax better. Some people are comfortable on their sides, stomachs or backs. For side sleepers, hugging the pillow is a common scenario. It is similar to how a child hugs her teddy bear. The top of the pillow is on your shoulder while your arm is in an embrace position like whenever you are cradling another person. Even when you are in this position, the natural spine curvature is maintained, minimizing the possibility of waking up and searching again for a comfortable position.

Side sleepers consist of more than half of the people worldwide. If you belong to this group, slipping the above part under your head gives adequate support that you need to avoid a painful neck when you wake up. The rest of the pillow can be used closely for better comfort. In general, a side sleeper uses the body pillow in resting one leg above the pillow.

Also, for pregnant women, a body pillow is essential as it provides support to the back, neck, abdomen, and hips, especially in the advanced stage of pregnancy or nearing childbirth, along with orthopedic functions for expectant mothers. Most importantly, it enhances their quality of sleep.

When properly used, the body pillow can cradle the neck and best support the spine while providing a space between the knees that enable the hips to be in a comfortable position while sleeping on your side. At the same time, the body pillow keeps the body temperature of a person while sleeping or at rest and ensures better body circulation, ideal sleeping posture, and smooth functioning of the blood flow, lymph, and other vital organ systems while in a horizontal posture while the other half of the body is up.

Phiten Body Pillow  Phiten body pillow comes with unique shape to support full body posture

Continued support despite changing positions

Body pillows are versatile in use, they can support your back even when seated uprightly in bed, especially when reading or watching your favorite television show with the family. When ill in bed, you can twist a body pillow to get an upper body support or put it under your legs and knees for needed elevation.

Health benefits of Phiten Body Pillows

What makes Phiten’s Star Series Shiatsu Body Pillow an innovative and one-of-a-kind sleeping product is the infused AQUA GOLD technology that is exclusively embedded to all Phiten products, especially on its wide range of sleeping goods and beddings such as pillows, mattress, blankets, and pyjamas. Regular use of the body pillow promotes improved blood circulation and prevents experiencing stiffness and numbness at night.
With its unique ‘free hole’ feature, Phiten’s body pillow reduces pressure on the head and ear when sleeping. As the hole goes from end to the other, it makes the body pillow more breathable. Also, the Star Series Shiatsu Body Pillow has
nonstretchable gussets that are used to maintain its optimum shape, which enables the body to attain a natural spinal curvature during sleep.
This Phiten’s new product is a good investment for the whole family this new year. Pamper yourself and your loved ones by giving them a restful sleep that they deserve. Check other Phiten sleeping products online for a great selection of relaxing sleeping pillows and mattress.