From the start of life until death, women play a vital role in human existence. All women are tasked to take good care of themselves and their families. They can be daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, daughters-in-law, mothers-in-law or sisters-in-law. In their hands lie the huge task of looking after the welfare of their family members, their own interests, and the country’s welfare as a whole.

Empowered role in society

Success in life can never be achieved without the painstaking efforts of the women in our society. Their contributions are highly recognized for the perpetuation of life and goodwill in this world. In the early days, women are confined to their main roles as wives to their husbands and mothers to their children. They are focused on preparing meals, maintaining the household cleanliness, and caring for the children.

As time passes by, their roles become more diverse in modern society. They become as equally competent with what men can do and how they function, aside from household activities and family life.

Phiten Singapore celebrating women's day

Global recognition for women

Behind the success of Phiten as a company is partly dependent on the blood, sweat, and tears of dedicated women employees who have shown their love, support and hard work of attaining the aspiration of the organization.

In commemorating the International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, Phiten Singapore offers a month-long IWD promotion from February 22 to March 21, 2018, for its patrons as a way celebrating the Women’s Day.

What is International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. This highlights the call to action for recognizing gender equality throughout history and across nations worldwide. It is also called the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

International Women's Day offers & discounts by Phiten Singapore

Remembering IWD advocacies

On a mega scale, IWD is an international event that is widely celebrated in many countries worldwide. It serves as a reminder of how women struggled for equal opportunities, fought for their freedom and the right to vote. This special day for women is a good time to take a time off from busy schedules and do fun-filled and relaxing activities. Several recreational activities, concerts, and street plays are being held annually for the Women’s Day in the different parts of the globe.

For the Women’s Day, there’s a strong call-to-action to move forward and promote gender parity. A strong call to #PressforProgress is this year’s motivation in uniting friends, colleagues and the whole communities to collaborate and be gender inclusive.

Phiten IWD deals for members

Phiten IWD deals for members

Currently, about 57% of Phiten members are women. Phiten highly regards its customers such as mothers, sisters, daughters, and grandmothers. Their continued patronage promotes how Phiten brands are widely accepted in every Singaporean household. This inspires Phiten to continue in its search of enhancing its product offerings and services for the promotion of good health and well being of their wide range of clients.

For the Women’s Day, this brings many good reasons for being a Phiten member. If you are planning to become one, it is never too late to enjoy Phiten membership’s benefits. In general, Phiten members get 10% discounts on selected beauty and non-beauty products such as high-end accessories and apparels storewide for its scheduled promo period. In your birthday, Phiten is giving away a special discount that a celebrator enjoys in any product of your choice and other gift items.

Online promos for everyone

In particular, Phiten’s IWD promotion provides many freebies. You can avail 10% discount on all products with above $50 purchase. For the first week of the promotions, from February 22 to 28, all Haircare Products are offered at 15% off. The third and fourth week of the promotion, from March 8 to 21, a 12% less on selected Phiten accessories and apparels are given. Get a free Facial Mesh every time you purchase a facial wash. When you buy any beauty product, you can a free gift like Yuko Shampoo Treatment samples.

Member-exclusive promos

Phiten members can avail of 10% less on all products without minimum purchase. For purchasing any beauty product, members are given Yuko Shampoo Treatment sample as a free gift. A free Facial Mesh is provided for purchasing a facial wash. If your birthday falls within the promo period, you get a special birthday discount from Phiten and other surprise packages.

Also, there are four different beauty service packages that the Women’s Day promo offers such as weekday package, weekend package, staff-assisted package, and non-staff-assisted package to choose from. For more details, you can visit any of our outlets. Our staffs are more than willing to respond to your personal inquiries.

Be a Phiten member today

Being a Phiten member is very easy. Visit any Phiten retail outlet. Fill out a membership application form. Pay a one-time membership of $88 at the counter. Then you will receive a $100 Phiten’s e-voucher that you can use any time. No minimum purchase is required.

Grab this opportunity to get the best deals for Phiten’s month-long celebration promo of the International Women’s Day! Be a Phiten member today for rewarding benefits and good savings.