Singapore, February 19, 2018 — As the celebration of the International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 is underway, Phiten Singapore highly recognizes the vital role of women in society in making the world a better place to live in.

The Singaporean-based company offers month-long IWD promotions from February 22 to March 21, 2018, storewide with special discounts and packages. Currently, Phiten has 57% women members out of its 8,000 total memberships in its CRM platform and still counting.

For the Women’s Day, Phiten encourages its loyal customers to take advantage of being a member of its growing family and avail exciting holiday and promo packages. Members can enjoy birthday special gifts and discounts on their personal purchases.

For the IWD month-long promo, up-for-grabs promotional items include selected Phiten’s beauty products and packages, high-end accessories, and apparels. Also, for the Women’s Day, freebies such as Yuko Hair Shampoo Treatment sample and facial mesh will be given away when buying a promo beauty product.

Nourishing beauty products

Infused with Aqua Gold technology, selected Phiten’s beauty products are value-for-money items that are only available during the Women’s Day celebration. Many women on a tight budget can purchase Phiten’s quality beauty products for less their regular price. These include gels, creams, facial wash, lotions, shampoos, hair treatments, soaps, and cleansers.

Phiten’s IP Beauty Care collection is known for healthy ingredients that bring out the woman’s natural beauty. While protecting the skin from damage, they also maintain its softness, freshness, and its natural moisture. They prevent the skin from getting rough and potential skin damage. They maintain the skin’s tender texture and draw its inherent beauty, preventing clogged pores, blemishes, and too much exposure to UV rays.

Phiten is committed to promoting quality products by finding the best and safest beauty components for all skin types. Most are Japan-sourced and carefully tested in selected batches. Phiten is focused on nature-derived ingredients. Also, all Phiten products have no preservatives and use Aqua Silver technology that is gentle for the sensitive skin.

Relaxing and comfy apparels

Several Phiten apparels such as undergarments, sleeves, belts, and spats are on sale this Women’s Day. The wearer of Phiten’s apparels has an opportunity to experience the relaxing feeling every time he puts on his garment. The Aqua Titan’s technology embedded in the fabric provides better health and performance.
Phiten offers a wide range of high quality, functional clothing that is shown to relieve tension and pain while giving improved flexibility. Also, it provides improved blood circulation, enhanced athletic performance, and faster recovery after an intensive exercise, workout or injury.

All Phiten’s functional clothing has Aqua Titan technology permeated into every fabric strand. The apparel line gives a soothing feel to the entire body. Manufactured in various colors and sizes, everyone in the family can enjoy the benefits of Phiten’s relaxing and comfortable apparels.

Stress-reliever high-end accessories

Stay energized and calm by purchasing selected Phiten’s high-end accessories such as bracelets, anklets, and necklaces at a lower price this Women’s Day. Accessorizing your body with Phiten products can truly help you feel relaxed and refreshed. Using Phiten high-end accessories can relieve your stress and fatigue.

Enjoy the wide selection of colourful and intricate designs of these Phiten accessories. People from all walks of life, whatever activity they are engaged in, from daily tasks to athletics can achieve their potential energy and strength by using these quality accessories daily. Even prominent athletes worldwide are using Phiten necklaces and bracelets.

International Women's Day offers & discounts by Phiten Singapore

Phiten Women’s Day promos

Phiten’s IWD promotions provide many freebies. For non-members, they get 10% discount on all products with above $50 purchase. For members, avail the products on promo at 10% discount without a minimum purchase.

From February 22 to 28, all haircare products can be purchased at 15% off. From March 8 to 21, a 12% discount on selected Phiten accessories and apparels is available. When you purchase a facial wash, you get a free facial mesh. When you buy any beauty product, you get free gifts like Yuko Hair Shampoo Treatment sample.

Also, there are four different beauty service packages that the Women’s Day promo offers such as weekday package, weekend package, staff-assisted package, and non-staff-assisted package. For more info, visit any of our retail outlets.

For new Phiten members, if your birthday falls within the promo period, you will get a special birthday discount package.

How to be a member and benefits

Be a Phiten member today by visiting any Phiten retail outlet. Ask for a membership application form and fill it up. A one-time membership payment of $88 entitles you to get the best deals at discounted rates. Upon membership, you will receive a $100 Phiten’s e-voucher that you can use immediately with no minimum purchase.

For inquiries and additional details about the Phiten Women’s Day promos, you can reach Phiten Singapore via phone, website and social media.