Commemorating the International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, Phiten Singapore unites with the global aspiration to promote equality and gender parity worldwide. For this year, more than ever, there is a solid call to press forward and progress gender parity.

As a result, IWD’s hashtag for 2018 is #PressforProgress. It has the goal of motivating and uniting people, colleagues, and the communities to collectively think, plan things, and be more gender inclusive in our daily undertakings. Also, there is a collaborative effort and shared responsibility for pushing gender parity for the IWD celebration.

The IWD is being celebrated in over 100 nations around the world. In many countries, this special day for women is considered a national holiday.

International Women's Day

Role of women in society

Phiten SG shares the same principles of the Women’s Day on the vital function of women in society, along with the recent developments and achievements. With these, the Singaporean-based company will be launching a month-long IWD promotion from February 22 to March 21, 2018, for all its retail outlets storewide. This is a simple way of recognizing the contributions of women in our daily lives.

New members encouraged

The Women’s Day promo includes increasing Phiten’s membership by providing special discounts and packages for the existing and new members. The new members have the opportunity to enjoy Phiten’s member benefits immediately upon joining. For a membership fee of $88, they can avail $100 voucher on their initial purchase without any minimum purchase. Visit Phiten’s retail outlets for more info.

Phiten Singapore at this women's day

Phiten’s women members

About 57% are women members out of the 8,000 total memberships in the Phiten CRM system and the number is still growing. For the Women’s Day, Phiten encourages its loyal customers to become a member. This gives them the opportunity to get exciting holiday and promo packages, and member’s birthday special gifts and discounts.

For the IWD month-long promo, discounted products consist of selected Phiten’s beauty products and packages, high-end accessories, and apparels. Phiten’s freebies include Yuko Hair Shampoo Treatment sample and facial mesh for purchasing promotional beauty products.

Healthy beauty products

Selected Phiten’s beauty products are best-buy items offered for less the regular price during the Women’s Day promo. Discounted Phiten’s beauty products include gels, creams, facial wash, lotions, shampoos, hair treatments, soaps, and cleansers. All these are infused with Aqua Gold technology with healthy ingredients that promote the natural beauty of any woman’s skin.

From February 22 to 28, all haircare products can be purchased at 15% off. When you buy a facial wash, enjoy a free facial mesh. For any beauty product purchased, you can get a free gift for Yuko Hair Shampoo Treatment sample.

These Phiten beauty products protect the skin from damage, maintain its softness, freshness, and letting it moisturized. They prevent the skin from getting rough and keep the skin’s elastic texture. Also, they maintain the skin’s inherent beauty, preventing clogged pores, blemishes, and too much exposure to UV rays.

Phiten is committed to providing the best and safest beauty ingredients for all skin types. Most are Japan-grown and carefully tested in selected batches. Also, Phiten products have no preservatives and use Aqua Silver technology that is designed for sensitive skin.

High-quality apparels

Selected Phiten apparels like undergarments, sleeves, belts, and spats are on 12% discount this Women’s Day. This discount promo runs from March 8 to 21. Wearing Phiten’s apparels provide a relaxing feeling while the Aqua Titan’s technology embedded in the fabric provides better health and performance.

Phiten’s high quality, functional clothing relieves tension and pain with improved flexibility. Also, it provides better blood circulation, enhanced athletic performance, and faster recovery from strenuous activities. Phiten’s apparel line gives a soothing experience to the entire body. Available in different colors and sizes, everyone can take advantage of Phiten’s relaxing and comfortable apparels.

High-end accessories

Purchase selected Phiten’s high-end accessories such as bracelets, anklets, and necklaces at 10% discount this Women’s Day. Phiten’s accessories can truly help you feel relaxed and refreshed. They may relieve your stress and fatigue. Choose from a wide selection of designs and items. Phiten necklaces and bracelets are popularly used by world’s athletes.

Women’s Day promos

Phiten’s IWD promotions are not confined to members only. For non-members, they can avail 10% discount on all products with above $50 purchase. The good thing about being a member is that all promo products can be bought at 10% discount without minimum purchase.

Other different beauty service packages for the Women’s Day are weekday package, weekend package, staff-assisted package, and non-staff-assisted package.

For more info about the Women’s Day promo deals, visit any of our retail outlets and website. You can email us or view our Facebook page for additional details.