Similar to dogs known for being faithful to their owners, cats are also equally considered favorite household pets. Your feline pets, according to some studies, have many benefits.

Essentially, your kitty pals may not the best partners that would go out with you to exercise or walk for a hike. But research shows that the mere sound of a cat’s purr can reduce your blood pressure and eliminate your stress.

Rebecca Johnson, director of the University of Missouri’s Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction, noted that one’s capacity to care for a pet enhances an individual’s morale and encourages a person to take good care of his well-being. Also, having a cat pet at home teaches the children good values such as compassion and gentleness.

Dr. Dennis Turner, an expert on the feline-human bond, says cats are very sensitive. These pets are like independent thinkers and actors with a certain level of elegance and are beautiful to watch.

In Dr. Turner’s study about the cats, the lovable kitties have the power of providing comfort to their owners or alleviate the bad moods of their human companions. This shows that while our friends and loved-ones can help make our good moods better, our cat friends can help us get over the feelings of anxiety, depression, and fear.

The cat’s good traits are the inspiration behind the creation of Phiten’s new children’s toys called the PHINYANS, consisting of two cats’ characters such as HIRUPY and YORUPY.

HIRUPY represents the white male cat during the day while YORUPY is the black female counterpart in the night. These two toys are not ordinary stuffed toys. They are powered by a Japanese technology that gives their children’s owners added strength, energy, and relaxing effect.

phinyans perfect toys for kids

Both HIRUPY and YORUPY possess Phiten’s AQUA TITANIUM technology embedded on the stuffed toys’ paws that relax the children after playing or busy school day. Also, they keep them calm as they embrace the toys.

Parents will no longer have a hard time asking their children to study. Children as they stay awake still have the energy to do their homework and remain mentally awake from morning until evening.

Also, wasted time is reduced as kids learn fast and absorb their lessons better with the PHINYANS at their side. They don’t easily get restless or overwhelmed by long hours of studying. If they sleep, they definitely get over with the fatigue right away.

PHINYANS perfect stuffed toys for kids