Among the environmental factors that contribute to the children’s performance in school, the parental support has a huge effect to help them succeed in class.

One recent study noted that the supportive parents have a greater impact on children to attain good grades in school. To improve your children’s school performance, below are some of the ways.

The inspiration of every child to perform well does not come from the school. The parents are the main reasons many children study harder. Phil Beadle, a mentor and book author, claimed that most of the child’s achievement is brought by parental inspiration. Any help given by a parent to his child when studying is highly appreciated.

Good reading habits start at a very young age. A study from the University of Edinburgh noted that children who read well at an early age will get better grades in IQ tests in their teenage years. Reading skills are the priority skills that parents should engage their kids in the early years of schooling. One way of instilling good reading habits in your child is letting him read with you for 10 minutes daily. Constant practice makes the child fluent and improves comprehension.

Children’s learning pace is not the same for everybody. Some are late bloomers while others learn to read quickly at a younger age. Instead of nagging or putting pressure on your children, be patient and encourage them to do their best and study harder for lessons that they don’t easily understand.

Poor sleep and behavioural problems among children are directly linked. In one study, it showed that a reduction of an hour a night has a setback to a child’s IQ. Presently, it has been found that many school-age children, especially teens, have sleep deprivation, where most get at least an hour less sleep every night compared to 10 years ago.

PHINYANS toys helps kids perform better in school

As a way of helping the children cope with stress, perform better in school work, and stay energetic all day long, Phiten has created the PHINYANS, consisting of HIRUPY and YORUPY, or the popular Japanese stuffed toys with paws embedded with the AQUA TITANIUM technology that relaxes and calms the children during and after a day’s activities.

HIRUPY is a white male cat toy. It represents an energetic boy during the day with positive behaviour, loves sports, and with great reflexes. Taking HIRUPY as a pet toy can help the kids start their day full of energy and enthusiasm to participate in class.

YORUPY is the black female cat. It represents a calm, flexible, and gentle character during the night. It gives the children the vitality to do their homework at night and recover easily from fatigue after a long day in school.

Together, these two toy pets help the children overcome their daily stress in school and perform better in their classes. At the same time, these pet toys can help the kids learn fast to cope with their surroundings easily.

PHINYANS toys increase kids' health