Male clothing between the two world wars was mostly of a relaxed informal look.  Stiff collars became outdated, and a popular item for men to wear in the daytime was a sleeveless sports shirt with belted white pleated trousers.  For more formal attire, the suits, mostly made of wool now had wide lapels Woolen ties, leather gloves, shoes, and trilby hats completed the fashionable look of the day.

From the mid-thirties until about 1946, sportswear for tennis included playing in white straight-legged trousers, and for playing football, dark blue short pants with elasticized waists. The popular outfits worn for horseracing were red coats made of cloth accompanied with black leather boots.

The fashion for menswear changed during the 50’s to include the American styled sports and leisure wear of a single-breasted fitted brown jacket with narrow lapels and flap pockets. The introduction of designer clothing for men was from French designer Pierre Cardin, who started the fashion for a gray long jacketed two-piece double-breasted cloth suit that became the popular in- style of the 1960’s. From about 1973, outfits made in leather were seen worn by men more often.

Time for change

The 1980’s saw different styling in male fashionable clothing. In corporate, or other executive positions, men tended to be seen wearing brown two-piece double-breasted suits with long narrow lapels and padded shoulders, giving the wearer a very broad- shouldered appearance. This was also the period of Punk fashion. Punk apparel included sleeveless black leather jackets, zips that fastened off-center, or flap pockets on jackets.

Casual wear in the 80’s of denim jeans in blue and often worn with blue denim jackets to match, were the norm. This changed in the 90’s to bell-bottoms and wider baggy pants, and from 1995 black polo-necked sweaters were included for the casual look. For more formal wear, two-piece wool striped suits with a small collar were in vogue as well as ankle length narrow trousers.

Fashion in 2000

The 2000’s arrived, and the iconic oversized T-shirt as well as the Von Dutch trucker hats as seen worn by Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher. The popular T-shirt collar changed from crew cut to a V-neck style. The V-neck originally was intended for wearing as an undershirt, but soon became commonplace for casual and sportswear. Rubber bracelets and health bracelets for men to wear became the norm and still are in fashion. There has truly been an evolution in fashion; whether it be in casual wear or athletic wear.

Phiten Male Clothing

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