Here’s something for you to look forward to this coming Labour Day.

All of Phiten’s bestselling sleeping products will be on sale, just for one day, to give a nod to all the hardworking employees and professionals all over the country. This is the perfect opportunity for you to invest in a good night sleep because you’re getting so much value for far less money.

What makes our sleeping products so unique is Phiten’s innovative technology that allows it to break down metal, like Titanium and Gold, to nanoparticles. They are then successfully infused to pillows, mattresses and pillow cases. Through this process, the metals are more effectively able to enhance your blood circulation as you sleep.

Products on Sale

What you sleep on determines your quality of sleep, so Phiten wants to make sure that you only have the best in your arsenal. After all, who isn’t more productive when they’ve had a good night sleep? Think of this as an investment in yourself and in your career.

The discount starts with the most fundamental requirement of good quality sleep, a comfortable mattress. Unlike others on the market, the TitanFit Mattress is infused with Titanium to help alleviate the pain in your back and relieve stress while you sleep. You can complement this with the AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow encased in the Star Series Pillow Case. The pillow itself has Aqua Gold Silicon Balls that reduce the possibility of insomnia and helps relieve migraines. Yes, you will be sleeping in literal gold.

What better way to complete your daily sleeping routine than by adding the perfect sleeping wardrobe. Part of the Labour Day sale is Phiten’s bestselling pyjamas for men and women. The Star Series Pyjamas are also infused with AquaGold technology that helps your hardworking body recover while you sleep. They’re also thermally regulated and hypoallergenic.

If you’re looking for a portable sleeping companion, Phiten also has you covered. The Star Series 3-Fold Pillow Cushion is great to take to work for impromptu power naps or pack for travel, so you can catch up with sleep on the way. Unlike other portable pillows, this is permeated with 30 times more Titanium that helps relieve your body from stress.

The real good news is that they are all on sale today, so you can get the best night sleep at a discount. So, what are you waiting for? This promo is only good till stocks last.