Different kinds of memory foam mattresses are becoming popular nowadays among sleepers. Individuals suffering from a backache, migraine and stiff neck are purchasing the memory foam mattresses as ideal beds to help relieve their problem areas. Also, these types of beds are recognized for providing comfort and support at night, along with value for money and the most needed restful sleep.

Memory foam mattresses have the advantage of molding the body’s contour enabling its weight to be evenly distributed while you toss and turn in bed. This helps in relieving pressure points and reducing pain when sleeping.

Phiten Memory foam pillows

Benefits of memory foam mattresses and pillows

A sound sleep is only a part of what memory foams can provide you. The complete full bedtime relaxation consists of having a set of perfect pillows, pillowcases, a blanket, and bed sheets that accompany your dream memory foam mattress.
If you are currently using standard pillows, you can always upgrade them to memory foam pillows to achieve the best relaxation each night. Below are some reasons that make memory foam mattress and pillows superior compared to regular or standard materials.
Prevent painful or stiff neck. Memory foam pillow’s dense material can avoid your neck from getting bent in awkward positions.
Keep the spine’s natural alignment. Memory foam pillows prevent the neck from being bent and maintain its neutral alignment.
Mold to your head’s shape. Memory foam pillows follow the contours of your head, similar to the memory foam mattress that takes the body’s shape in whatever position.
Come in different shapes. Memory foam pillows have different shapes. These types of pillows may vary based on your sleeping position. For memory foam mattresses, their thickness usually varies from 2 to 6 inches, showing how deep you can probably sink. With regard to density, 5lbs per cubic foot is of very high quality while below 3lbs per cubic foot provides quite less.

No need to adjust. Memory foam pillows do not need to be flipped, fluffed or adjusted like what you do in a regular pillow, as they retain their shape and size.
Reduce snoring. Standard pillows may tilt your head upward, which may result for your air passages to close. For memory foam pillows, they may contour to the neck, keeping your air passages open and provide better breathability.
Proper care for memory foam mattresses
Memory foam mattress consists of special material that employs the sophisticated Visco technology memory foam. To ensure that your memory foam mattress will last long, special care must be ensured when cleaning it to maintain its best functionality. Some tips to keep your memory foam mattress clean and in good working condition are the following.

1. Frequent vacuuming

In maintaining the cleanliness of your memory foam mattress, one easy method to always do is regular vacuuming. Do this by using a handheld vacuum to achieve control when cleaning it. Do not include the bed cover when vacuuming. Remove and wash it separately. For quality vacuuming, thoroughly clean the surfaces and sides of the memory foam mattress.

2. Eliminate stains with care

If your memory foam gets stained, avoid using commercial detergents with strong ingredients such as bleach or ammonia. These chemicals may be too harsh that can damage the bed material and the internal components of the memory foam.

One best approach to clean your memory foam mattress is using a mild detergent like a dishwashing liquid dissolved in water until it brings bubbles. Use a clean sponge when dipping into the bubbles as you clean the stained areas in a circular motion. Ensure using the bubbles only when eliminating the stain and avoid dipping directly the sponge into the solution.

If a mild solution is not available, you may opt to use the mixture of water and vinegar. Combine the mixture into a spray bottle and slowly spray the solution in small amounts to the stained area in the mattress. Then scrub it right away using a clean absorbent cloth. The vinegar may be used to dilute the stain and get rid of any unpleasant scent.

3. Drying your mattress

If your memory foam is spilled with any kind of liquid, dry it out quickly under the sun. When placing the mattress under the sun for the whole day, turn it once in a while to evenly dry out all of its sides.

If the sun is not available to dry your memory foam bed, take the baking soda as an alternative. Sprinkle it on the wet area to absorb the dampness. After an hour, you will notice a clump has been formed absorbing the baking soda. Once the dampness is gone, you can vacuum the baking soda. The unpleasant scent can be absorbed using the baking soda.

In case the mattress has a bit of dampness, a blow dryer can be used to dry completely the damp areas of the mattress. Avoid setting the dryer to its hottest button as this may damage the mattress. The cold or warm setting is much better until the bed becomes completely dried.

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Phiten TitanFit Mattress X30

Phiten is a global brand that provides quality bedding and sleeping goods as part of its wide range of sophisticated products, which are integrated with the AquaMetal technology. In turn, this promotes Phiten’s philosophy of health, energy, and well-being.

For sleepers searching for a rejuvenating and comfortable mattress to achieve a relaxing bedtime sleep, Phiten’s Titanfit Mattress X30 is highly recommended. It has 30 times more Aqua Titan technology, embedded in the fabric’s processing component, which brings a soothing and soft texture to attain a sound, longer, and better relaxation as you sleep.

TitanFit Mattress X30 helps to get rid of body pain and injuries during sleep. It is designed to give a comfortable sleep and speed up relief from body pain. The high-quality urethane foam is highly durable and provides breathability.

Experience the difference from your ordinary mattress by the scattering of body pressure, high level of ventilation, and hardly affected by temperature. A reduced core of temperature enables you to sleep better.

Suitable pillows for memory foam mattresses

The best pillows for sleeping depend on your preference, comfort they bring, and what goes well with your mattress. Searching online is a good way to start.

Phiten has four types of memory foam pillows to choose from. These include AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow Hill, AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow, Star Series X30 Three Fold Pillow, and AquaGold Zero Feeling Pillow. Titanfit Mattress X30 can be partnered with Phiten pillows like AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow.

Neck pain pillows

Both the AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow Hill and AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow are created with cold foam compounded with five Aqua Gold Silica Balls, which provide the necessary support giving comfort to your head and neck, along with better blood circulation, as you sleep at night. These two pillows relieve muscle tension, stimulate pressure points, and help the body to heal itself from injury. Also, they provide superior neck stability and good sleeping posture around your neck while you sleep.

Pillow on the go

Star Series X30 Three Fold Pillow provides the needed chair cushion when you use it in the office or in your car. As you fold it, you will be amazed that this can turn into a functional head pillow, which you can carry anywhere while traveling.

Star Series X30 Three Fold Pillow is highly customizable. Anywhere you go, this three-fold pillow can help you rest your back, have something to put on the floor to put your things. You can use this to take a power nap while sitting in-between breaks. With its sophisticated fabric, you will surely enjoy relaxing with this pillow.

Lightweight pillow

AquaGold Zero Feeling Pillow is a special pillow made of durable and high-grade low-repulsion material using urethane foam, 50% cotton, and 50% polyester. It is embedded with AquaGold silicone technology, which restores body’s relaxation and comfortable feeling.

AquaGold Shiatsu Zero Feeling Pillow’s prominent feature is the open free hole found at the center of the pillow. It minimizes the potential strain in both the occipital (back area) and temporal (neck) regions in the head. For more information on Phiten sleep goods, you can visit Phiten Sleeping Goods.

Considering a mattress is a long-term investment, it is best advised to take good care of it for its optimum use. Take all extra effort to prevent it from stains, wrong vacuuming, and frequent wetting to prolong its shelf-life. Treat your bed as a valuable possession so you will make the proper care and maintenance to keep it clean and in good condition always. After all, you will benefit a lot each night if you are sleeping in a well-maintained memory foam mattress.