Water is a fundamental need, with one person requiring a minimum of 20 liters a day. From that, about 10% is for drinking — meaning it has to be clean and free from toxins. Unfortunately, clean water is hard to come by. While in other countries, people substitute tap water with bottled water. Here in Singapore, people have grown accustomed to boiling water, making sure it’s safe to drink, before serving it.

See, polluted water isn’t just unpalatable. It’s also a danger to you and your family’s health. Every year, 1.8 million people die and tens of millions more become seriously ill because of unclean water. As it is obviously essential for hydration and for food production, we need to make sure the water we consume is clean.

That’s how Phiten came up with the groundbreaking water filtration system, The Aquamirum Water Filter, that ensures you’re get healthy drinking water from your tap every single time. To scientifically prove just how amazing this product is, Phiten conducted an experiment using two grass heads.

The Grass Heads Experiment: Tap Versus Water Filter

Benefits of Phiten water charger

Two grass heads, of the same size and shape, were watered with either tap water, straight from our own pipes, or water that was filtered through our Water Filtration System. On the right (watered with tap water), the grass is lighter in colour, while the one on the left (watered with filtered water) is darker. This is an indicator of health and longevity. The darker the grass, the healthier it is.

This simple experiment shows Phiten’s Water Filter produces better quality water, without the added step of boiling it or investing in bottled water each time you need a drink. Imagine being able to drink straight from your tap while retaining the peace of mind that there are no impurities, like dirt and rust, in your water.

On top of that, the Aquamirum Water Filter is also easy to install and use. It won’t even take up that much space because it’s compact and lightweight. This product is a great value for your money, especially because you’re investing in you and your family’s health.