If you’re a fan of aerobics or avidly go to health and lifestyle talks, then you must have already heard of Wan Shamsury. Apart from his incredible achievements as a Spartan Race finisher, he is a renowned health and fitness trainer who has been travelling all over the country, talking about how you can replicate simple workout programs wherever you are.

Mr. Wan is also known for his holistic approach to wellness, discussing everything from nutrition to active lifestyle must-haves. One of the items that has recently become indispensable for him is Phiten’s X100 Aqua Titanium Tape.

When asked why he uses it, he answered, “I use Phiten X100 Aqua Titanium Tape on my left knee because it strengthens my knee joint. It also helps in my movements – offering me more flexibility during the race.”

Spartan Race is no small feat. It has a series of different obstacles that need to be completed one after another – from fire jump and wall climbing to monkey bars and mud crawling. All that’s wrapped in a  4 to 5-kilometer run, testing one’s strength and stamina. Mr. Wan believes that racing with the Phiten X100 Aqua Titanium Tape helps to enhance his performance in such a grueling race.

Further, Mr. Wan added, “It also helps to reduce and relieve the pain on my knee, at the same time.” As a qualified health and fitness coach, he recommends the Phiten X100 Aqua Titanium Tape to people who are constantly on their feet or are feeling any type of pain in their lower joints.

Phiten’s X100 Aqua Titanium Tape

Unlike other athletic or pain relieving tapes on the market, the X100 Aqua Titanium Tape does not use heat or any tape weaving technique to mask or numb the pain. Only Phiten is able to break down metals, like Titanium, into nanoparticles and infuse them into a tape.

Thanks to that, X100 Aqua Titanium Tape provides almost instantaneous relief upon application. To make the effect exponentially more powerful, this particular tape is permeated with 100 times more Titanium. It makes the product more effective in directly addressing any pain or swelling.

If you want to experience the same incredible effects as Mr. Wan has already proven, you can also purchase the X100 Aqua Titanium Tape here: https://store.phitensg.com/titan-tape-x100/.