Changing your old mattress can be exhaustive. Whenever you search online or visit sleep shops, you can find different types of beds to choose from. Also, this endeavor can be very personal as it relates to your daily relaxation regimen.

Selecting the right mattress is one way of attaining your rest goal in life. Otherwise, it is a task waiting for a backache to happen if you will be using the bed that is not meant for you.

Choose a mattress based on your lifestyle

Reasonable bedding cost

A new mattress is an investment. Getting a high-quality mattress means you have to spend thousands of dollars to have one. This shows that a good sleep is truly something that you have to work for. For Michael Magnuson, CEO of, a mattress review site, noted that the kind of mattress that you buy gives you the quality what you pay for.

Magnuson advised that when seeking a bed that you have to sleep on for a decade, choose a mattress made of durable and high-quality materials. In general, good beds with quality materials that can withstand everyday use for a long time cost more than $1,000. But he stressed you don’t need to pay the full price when buying a mattress. Watch out for promos and manufacturer’s sales. He added that when going to a sleep shop; negotiate to a salesman for a discount or probably some extras like the bed frame, a good set of pillows or bed sheets as part of the package.

Bed with a bit of buoyancy  Phiten Titanfit Mattress X30  Mattress for side sleepers

Mattress selection tips

Below are savvy approaches when looking for a showroom of mattresses:

1. Find a mattress with strong support.

Initially, you have to check the mattress’ core, whether it gives the needed support. The four basic types include innerspring, foam, latex, and air-filled.

Bouncing bed. If you are looking for a mattress with bouncy feel, the innerspring mattresses can do the job. How springy they could get depends on your preference. Ideally, the metal coils are generally from size 12 (thickest and firmest) to 18 (thinnest and most compressible). Heavier individuals or those with huge body structure prefer the size with thicker support. Interconnected coils are extra-durable but the single ‘pocketed’ coils, each covered with fabric, minimize the ripple effect that occurs when a sleeper on one side of the mattress moves.

Innerspring mattresses usually have a fiberfill or foam outer cover, surrounded by quilted ticking. However, if you require an uber-plush feel, don’t select the thick pillow top.

Magnuson cited that puffy layer may look good in the store, but after several months of continued use, you’ll notice it is compressing and does not return to its previous state. He noted that it is best to select a firmer, well-quilted mattress, and then seek a cover with a replaceable mattress pad or a feather bed.

Bed with an extra-firm base. Memory foam mattresses belong to this category. They have a polyurethane core with much less spring. These are bed types that you can sit on and they do not sink or budge beyond the topmost layer.

Magnuson cited to know their quality, ask the salesman about their specs. Identify the thickness of the foam and its density. Mattresses’ thickness usually varies from 2 to 6 inches, which show how deep you can probably sink. With regard to density, 5lbs per cubic foot is of very high quality while below 3lbs per cubic foot is quite less.

Bed with a bit of buoyancy. Like memory foam beds, latex mattresses have the firmness but they have a little spring-back quality. The natural latex or the synthetic mattress has antimicrobial properties, which can get rid of molds and dust mites. These mattresses are quite expensive but generally last for 20 years or more depending on how well you take good care of them. Latex has two kinds such as the Dunlop latex described as more dense and heavier while the lighter Talalay latex brings a softer touch.
Customized bed. For a bed that can be customized, choose an air-filled vinyl or rubber chamber mattress. It is operated by a remote that enables you to control the amount of air it can handle inside. Most have a couple of side-by-side chambers, which let the mattress’ firmness to be adjusted separately. The top surface is like an innerspring with quilted fiberfill or foam.

2. Choose a mattress based on your lifestyle.

Aside from the four types of mattresses, several factors have to be factored in. These include your sleep style, body type, your bed partner, and your lifestyle to help you decide.

Side sleepers. For side sleepers, you will definitely like a surface that provides ‘pressure relief’ or a bed that can disperse as it supports your body weight and conforms to your shape.

Magnuson cited that cushy memory foam or the bed with a fluffy topper can give the most pressure relief. Using a very firm mattress cannot do this task. Innersprings may provide more pressure relief compared to foam or latex mattress. Always do a lying test on the mattresses to get a real experience.

Stomach sleepers. With regard to the heat-map analogy, stomach sleepers will choose enveloping memory foam the least. It provides a smothering feeling. What can provide the best support for tummy sleepers is a firm top surface. Choose a dense innerspring, latex mattress or air-filled.

Back sleepers. For back sleepers, they need a combination — a surface that provides support and enables the spine to keep its natural alignment. You can choose any of the mattress types, but select the type that can bring the best experience for you.

Bed partner tosses and turns all night long. Choose an innerspring mattress that has pocketed coils. You can also have the memory foam, latex, or a dual-chamber air-filled bed. All these provide a good ‘motion isolation.’ One caution, all these models may not give full comfort to a restless sleeper, as his movements will be easily noticeable.

Partners’ preferences are conflicting. If you have a bed partner and your personal choice differs with his, consider the air-filled mattresses with dual chambers. If you think the top surface is not comfortable enough, you may place a separate topper.

Sleepers who easily feel hot. Mattresses designed with foam or latex has the ability to absorb body heat, particularly the very soft variants and your body sinks in. If this is your dilemma, you need a fiberfill-topped innerspring mattress. A better choice is a removable fiberfill or feather mattress topper that can be easily changed and washable.

Sleepers with allergies. You are highly advised to choose foam and latex. Both have antimicrobial properties and resistant to dust mites and molds. If you select an innerspring or air topped with fiberfill, ensure to cover it with an allergen-resistant bed sheet to keep away the irritants.

Undecided sleepers. Many manufacturers create a hybrid style mattress that integrates the innerspring core’s buoyancy with the memory foam’s motion isolation. It’s getting the best-of-both-worlds mattress that can remedy disputes among partners and sleeping preferences. Essentially, this benefit comes at a good price. Luxury mattresses are pricey.

What Phiten TitanFit Mattress X30 offers

For people looking for a rejuvenating and comfortable mattress to achieve a relaxing and sound sleep during the night, Phiten’s Titanfit Mattress X30 is a perfect choice. It has 30X more Aqua Titan technology, embedded in the fabric’s processing component, which brings a soothing and soft texture to attain a sound, longer, and better relaxation as you sleep.

TitanFit Mattress X30 helps to get rid of body pain and injuries during sleep. It is designed to give a comfortable sleep and speed up relief from body pain. The high-quality urethane foam is highly durable and provides breathability.

Experience the difference from your ordinary mattress by the scattering of body pressure, high level of ventilation, and hardly affected by temperature. A reduced core of temperature enables you to sleep better.

Titanfit Mattress X30 can be partnered with Phiten pillows like AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow. Designed with the assistance of a therapist, Aqua Gold Shiatsu Pillow integrates the Aqua Gold silicone balls, which stimulate the acupressure points. These also expand the cervical spine to its optimum level. For more information – Phiten sleeping goods.

Your chosen mattress is a personal choice. What suits you well does not necessarily mean it is for everybody. So better take time to take a sleep or rest test while in the store before purchasing the mattress that you desire. This gives you the leeway before deciding to shell out your cash. Your mattress is an investment. Never rush into buying a bed that you will use for eight to ten years. Consider all factors before making a big decision. After all, it is you who will benefit if you have made the right choice.