The feet generally take a lot of punishment daily as people rush about wearing shoes that are not really comfortable but fashionable; not to mention carrying the entire body weight of the person. So often, your feet are squeezed into high heel shoes that squash your toes and upset the natural body balance.

Therefore, it is no wonder that so many people experience foot exhaustion and suffer pain and other problems with their feet.

Preventing corns and callusesPreventing corns and calluses

Make sure to have your feet measured when going to buy shoes and ensure wearing shoes that fit properly. The width and the length should fit correctly and there should be enough room in the shoe to wiggle your toes comfortably. If your job entails standing for long periods, wear insoles, preferably those with plastic shells at the bottom as these give feet good support. If you can choose the type of shoe you wear at work, it is worthwhile for your foot care to opt for wearing flat heeled shoes in preference to wearing high heels with pointy toes that are unhealthy for your feet.

Cut toenails regularly, and after a bath or shower moisturize your feet with a good foot moisturizer. At least once a week, give your feet a home foot massage therapy. At the Phiten Singapore stores, there is the excellent Solarch Foot Massager especially constructed for giving you a professional massage therapy in the comfort of your own home. The Solarch Foot Massager targets pain in the balls of the feet with precision-designed jets and air cushions that massage pressure points and speed recovery.Phiten Solarch Foot Massager

It takes only eight minutes for the Solarch Foot Massager to target the three main sources of discomfort and deliver relief:

  • Cushioned air pads wrap around the instep muscles to flex and lengthen short tired muscles
  • The air jets are carefully positioned to target pressure points on the soles of the feet for easing stiffness and promoting healthy blood circulation
  • The precisely positioned air cushions and jets spread and flex the toes to strengthen the metatarsal area

The foot cover is detachable for easy cleaning and is equipped with anti-bacterial properties for good health and well-being. The base stand can be adjusted for massage intensity and with extending the base stand and stretching your knee, the massage intensity is increased.

Mode selection

  • Gentle: for a soft and slow flexing and stretching of the feet
  • Moderate: Gives a more intense massaging process while stretching the soles in a vertical and horizontal direction
  • Strong: This is a higher intensity of flexing and stretching of the feet in a vertical and horizontal direction

Using the Solarch Foot Massager regularly will allow you to achieve an active lifestyle that is pain-free.