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Frequently Asked Questions
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We thought you might have questions about our products. Here are some helpful information for you to maximize your Phiten purchase.

Phiten Shipping

Can you ship to where I live?

We can deliver your Phiten orders anywhere in the world.

Can I pick up my order at the Phiten main office?

Phiten does not offer in person pick ups from the office. You can either have it delivered to your address or purchase the items directly from any of our stores.

How long does it take before my order is ready for delivery?

Orders are processed Mondays to Fridays, excluding Singaporean holidays. This is also dependent on stock availability and payment. It will take 3 to 5 working days to process the order and prepare it for delivery.

How much do I pay for shipping? When will I get the items I ordered?

Local deliveries that total to $50 and above is free. Those which amount to less than $50 will be charged starting $7 per delivery, depending on the weight of the items. For an international delivery, the charges will be calculated when you check out. The estimated transit time varies depending on the destination and shipping period. Phiten is not responsible for service transit time, goods lost or damaged in transit or any delays caused by carriers and/ or customs clearance.

For local deliveries:

Free for purchases above $50 For purchases less than $50, charges start from $7 3-5 business days 1–2 business days. 4-7 business days

For international deliveries:

Advised upon checkout during online purchase 3-5 business days 5–7 business days. Will vary depending on each country’s customs and postal security checks. 8-12 business days


How are Titanium Discs and Titanium Tapes different?

The effects of both products are the same. In addition, there is no specific method in the application of these products. Titanium Discs are smaller, which you can conveniently place in specific parts of the body. Titanium Tapes cover greater areas, especially to the knees, elbows, and other joints. It is recommended to change the tape regularly to maintain good hygiene. This is particularly advised after an activity which resulted to heavy perspiration.

What should be done when rashes appear after applying the tape?

We recommend testing a small portion of the skin with the tape prior to actual use to determine the skin’s reaction. Phiten’s Liquid Titanium Massage Lotion can also aid in minimizing skin irritation, when applied before using the tape. If irritation continues, it is best to see and consult your physician.


How do I determine which necklace I should get?

Most average adult males tend to get a 22? necklace, whereas average adult females and children tend to get a 17? or 18? necklace. To be sure, we recommend measuring the perimeter around your neck in inches to see how a necklace would fit. The necklaces can be worn loose or snug; either way, the effectiveness will be the same. There is no particular guideline on which necklace to choose; the effectiveness are the same. They can be worn loose or a little tight. The necklaces come in several sizes. As such, we recommend measuring the perimeter around your neck before making a purchase. Average adult males tend to purchase a 22” necklace, while adult females and children get the 17” or 18” necklace.

How do I take care of my necklace?

Every Phiten necklace is infused with Aqua-Titanium material; thus, these particles do not separate even if it absorbs liquid, whether thru washing or perspiration. Washing the product excessively might affect the overall wear and tear of the material. Occasional hand-washing of the necklace is recommended, using mild soap or detergent; and leaving them out to dry. The use of baking soda is another way of cleaning the necklace. Using bleach is discouraged as it might effect discoloration on the necklace. In addition, every Phiten package also comes with a reminder to not wear the necklace while bathing or in a sauna, as the metal parts of the necklace might heat up and cause discomfort or burns.

Why does the package contain a precaution of keeping the necklaces out of reach from children? Can children wear Phiten?

Kids can absolutely wear Phiten necklaces! However, to avoid smaller children from choking or swallowing parts of the necklace, we advise to keep the products out of their reach.

Can pregnant women or those who have a pacemaker also use Phiten products?

Absolutely! Phiten products are created and formulated to be safe even to pregnant women and individuals who have a pacemaker. Its effectiveness is proven to be safe for them to use.


Who are the PHINYANS?

To better exemplify the amazing benefits of the various Phiten products, HIRUPY and YORUPY were created. These characters have METAX technology, known for its potent health and wellness benefits, in their paws. The PHINYANS’ bodies are also equipped with AQUA TITANIUM and AQUA PALLADIUM. Together, they reduce swelling and alleviate pain.

What can HIRUPY do?

HIRUPY is energetic, positive and a sports lover. He champions Morning PHINYANS products that help you kickstart your day — like the METAX Lotion to reduce pain or Rakuwa accessories for the gym.

What can YORUPY do?

YORUPY helps you and your kids wind down after a long and hectic day. With the Night PHINYANS products — like the TITANFIT Mattress and Shiatsu Pillow, you can relax and rejuvenate, helping you recover from fatigue and stress faster.

When is the “Meet the PHINYANS” event?

Fri 20 October to Sun 22 Oct, 2017 at 2pm and 5pm.

Where is the “Meet the PHINYANS” event?

Children’s Section, 4th Level Takashimaya Shopping Centre 391A Orchard Road, Singapore

What activities are in store during the “Meet the PHINYANS” event?

To celebrate the newest additions to the PHITEN family, we’ve planned different activities for you and your kids. They can come to color while you get a FREE metatarsal massage, check out our new and featured products, and enjoy amazing discounts and freebies. The kids can also meet HIRUPY and YORUPY from October 20 to 22. The meet and greet is twice a day — at 2 PM and 5 PM — for half an hour each. You and your kids can give them a hug and take selfies with them. We’re sure it will be an exciting experience for everyone, including our PHINYANS.

Buyers Beware

Genuine Phiten products have gone through the unique Phild Process technology. This technology helps to improve ones body’s energy flow. TIPS TO DIFFERENTIATE A COUNTERFEIT PRODUCT:

Counterfeit necklaces look like the authentic product, but may have minor material or cosmetic differences. Counterfeit necklaces have not been processed with the proprietary Phild Process Technology. Hence users of counterfeit will not be able to experience the benefits of a Phiten product.

BEWARE of anyone claiming to be an official supplier of Phiten products. There is a good probability that the Phiten products you see online are counterfeit if:

The Phiten products are being offered at bulk quantities at a business-to-business site. The Phiten products are listed at Wholesale Price. Prices do vary from seller to seller, but if the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. The Phiten products are being offered or sold at a Discussion Board or BBS Forum. The Phiten product is sold by an unverified Internet Seller. (See next question for more info)experience the benefits of a Phiten product.

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