Phiten Singapore is coming out with a one-week-only discount that you would not want to miss. Because the brand believes that a good sleep at night and a pain-free day is the key to being productive, Phiten has combined its bestselling products that cater to both those needs in one promo.

Just for this week, you can purchase the TitanFit Mattress and the Shiatsu Pillow, and you’ll get a free Phiten Roll Tape and METAX Lotion. The mattress and pillow combo, together, is already a great deal. They are both designed for optimal comfort and infused with AQUA METAL technology that is unique to the Phiten brand.

Buy Phiten titanfit mattress and get free gifts

Laying on them every night would allow your body to sleep better and recover faster. That way, when you wake up, you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on another day. Your productivity rests on the number of hours you’ve slept and the quality of those of hours of sleep. If you toss and turn all night or wake up with back pain, that’s your day gone.

Phiten Mattress and Pillow combo offer with free gifts

To cap those amazing benefits off, Phiten is throwing in two other bestselling items that their patrons have stocked up on for years. Phiten Tapes and the Metax lotion is the best way to reduce pain and swelling in targeted areas of the body. Simply apply the lotion or the tape, and experience the almost instantaneous relief.

If you’re thinking about investing in new Phiten beddings, now is the time to take the plunge. This surprise offer is only here for this week. To place your order here: CLICK HERE

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