Through social media and the movies women worldwide usually ask them this question in the mirror, “How can I improve my looks?” The way that you appear in the eyes of friends and even strangers has become one of great concern and utmost importance. To achieve approval from others does require time and some help from the professionals who have made Beauty their Business, for guidance.

Indulging in expensive products and regular visits to beauty salons and spas will certainly help, but, for people who have a limited budget, they resort to the more moderate priced beauty essentials as well as trying recommended home-based cosmetic recipes.

The toll of time

With busy schedules, attending to work demands and the needs of family members, the day becomes so hectic that there is not the time to spend on yourself that you would like, so your skin tends to suffer. The impact this has on your skin over time is neither good nor healthy making you begin to have a haggard appearance.

Preparing skin treatments at home is certainly budget-friendly and there are some preparations that can prove to be a benefit for your skin.


Exfoliating is a necessary ritual for removing dead cells to allow the skin to breathe. When dead cells clog the epidermis the skin is unable to breathe and this contributes to dull skin, causing skin breakouts, and unnecessary aging.

Cleanse and tone

Through age, the skin pores enlarge making it necessary for strict regular cleansing and toning to seal the skin pores. The tighter pores enhance your looks and slow down the aging effects as well.

Smooth and glowing skin from Phiten Singapore

Moisturizing and feeding

Moisturizing and feeding your skin with a good cream not only encourages beauty but also ensures your skin has a healthy glow to it.

Visiting Phiten online store, you find the IP facial care AQUA GOLD products researched from Phiten’s unique Aqua Metal Technology. The Phiten IP AquaGold product range is renowned for strengthening the immune system, enhancing the absorption of nutrients, regenerating tissues, as well as improving circulation. Gold is regarded as a powerful anti-aging agent.

Phiten Skin care products effects

Phiten IP AquaGold facial products contain pure gold that remove toxins and leave the skin looking enriched and healthy.

Phiten AquaGold IP Facial care products

The product range consists of:

AquaGold Cleansing Oil – conditions your skin leaving it soft and supple
AquaGold Lotion – restores the natural glow and conditions the skin with antioxidants
AquaGold Premium Moisture Lotion – regulates the skin condition and moisturizes dry skin
AquaGold Moisture Gel – improves the overall skin condition and locks in moisture
AquaGold BB Cream – evens out skin tone and leaves the skin moisturized
AquaGold Mineral Foundation – provides an even coverage and leaves the skin looking radiant and natural
AquaGold UV Cut Milk – protects the skin from toxins with UV rays SPF 50