Many sleep experts noted that more than 50 percent of reported neck issues are caused by or may get worse with sleeping in a wrong position in bed. As sleeping is part of healthy living, it’s vital to select the right pillow to prevent neck pain, backache, and discomfort.

According to Dr. Donna Arand, a sleep specialist, most of her patients who have used memory foams have shared their unsolicited testimonies after using them. They claimed that the memory foams have helped them to sleep well. Others claimed that it was the best sleep they ever experienced using the memory foams while others showed their excitement of loving to go to bed each night.

Best pillows for neck pain

Better bedtime rest with memory foam pillows

Dr. Kathy Gromer, a sleep specialist at the Minnesota Sleep Institute in Minneapolis, confirmed that memory foam can alleviate sleep by relieving painful pressure points. However, she said that memory foam cannot be used for patients suffering from sleep apnea or other sleep-breathing conditions. She also stressed that sleep problems are the main complaints of many of her patients.

Dr. Arand said when a person lies on the memory foam the body’s heat helps in molding the specific points, supporting the body’s curves and natural lines. When this occurs, memory foam manufacturers said that this assists in relieving pain and thus promotes more restful relaxation. Although some consumers still believe that getting firm mattresses are the best, the National Sleep Foundation noted some mattresses like these provide better sleep for individuals experiencing back pain.

Also, Dr. Arand added that sleeping with memory foam could be helpful for seniors. For the elderly, reducing unnecessary movement minimizes the times they may be awake at night. When an old person is less aware of his bed partner’s turns and tosses, this provides an extra benefit. She noted that the absence of coiled springs, you won’t recognize your sleep partner’s movement easily, which would be very helpful.

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Memory foam pillows vs. common types

Many people think that attaining a heavenly bedtime rest can be achieved by selecting soft and feather pillows. What most are not aware of are that the soft and squishy pillows are not useful in supporting the body to stay pain-free. Offering the necessary comfort and continuous support, memory foam pillows work by gently cradling the head and ensuring neck alignment to help you in getting a sound sleep night after night.

How sleepers can benefit from memory foam pillows

Below are some of the benefits that you can get from using memory foam pillows:

a. By using a memory foam pillow, this supports and safeguards your head and neck, minimizing the pressure points in the body’s vital parts.

b. According to Spine Health, one main tip to avoid neck pain is to select a pillow that maintains your cervical spine in a neutral alignment. The memory foam pillow is designed for this function. Whatever position you are when sleeping, a memory foam pillow provides support to the neck, maintaining its natural curve.

c. Memory foam pillows provide the neck to rest and can fully recover from stress that it endured during the day.

d. For those with allergies, memory foam pillows can help in treating them. Memory foam is hypoallergenic, which can protect you from common allergies, dust mites, and bed bugs.

e. If you have a snoring bed partner, memory foam pillows can keep your neck raised, clearing the airway passages. This enables you to breathe properly, more easily and reducing snoring.

f. For people with sleep apnea, memory foam pillows can be your new partner. Memory foam pillows enable the sleeper to breathe easily, avoiding disruptive pauses when breathing.

g. Memory foam pillows have the capacity in regulating temperature. The Great British Bedtime Report claimed that one in ten individuals consider a cooler sleeping environment as more comfortable and relaxing to attain a restful sleep. In letting the head to feel cool while sleeping, memory foam pillows provide an open-cell structure that helps the air to freely flow.

h. One unique feature of memory foam pillow with regard to temperature is that when you lay your head on it, the foam is characterized as viscoelastic that responds well to your current body temperature, softening the areas where you want it most. It is like a unique and tailor-fit comfort every time you use it.

Phiten Singapore pillows

Phiten introduces its perfectly designed pillows for people seeking a rejuvenating and comfortable bedtime partners to achieve a relaxing and sound sleep during the night. It uses AQUA TITAN technology, embedded in the fabric’s processing component, which brings a soothing and soft texture to attain a sound, longer, and better relaxation as you sleep.

Best pillows for neck pain

Both the AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow Hill and AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow are Phiten online pillows that are created with cold foam compounded with five Aqua Gold Silica Balls. These best pillows for neck pain provide the necessary support giving comfort to your head and neck, along with better blood circulation, as you sleep at night. These two Phiten pillows widely distributed in Singapore relieve muscle tension, stimulate pressure points, and help the body to heal itself from injury. Also, they provide superior neck stability and good sleeping posture around your neck while you sleep.

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Star Series X30 Three Fold Pillow provides the needed chair cushion when you use it in the office or in your car. As you fold it, you will be amazed that this can turn into a functional head pillow, which you can carry anywhere in your travel.

Star Series X30 Three Fold Pillow is highly customizable. Anywhere you go, this three-fold pillow can help you rest your back, have something to put on the floor to put your things. You can use this to take a power nap while sitting in-between breaks. With its sophisticated fabric, you will surely enjoy relaxing with this pillow.

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AquaGold Zero Feeling Pillow is a special pillow made of durable and high-grade low-repulsion material using urethane foam, 50% cotton, and 50% polyester. It is embedded with AquaGold silicone technology, which restores body’s relaxation and comfortable feeling. For more info about Phiten Singapore’s beddings and sleeping goods, visit Phiten Sleeping Goods.

Memory foam pillows provide comfort, better sleep, and the desired relaxation of people who need them most. You do not need to worry if you are suffering from neck pain, backache or discomfort in sleeping. With Phiten Singapore’s memory foam pillows, you can be assured of getting best sleep during the night.