With recently the concluded PHINYANS event, Phiten is back to reaching out to its many loyal users all over the country with their well-loved roadshows. This is usually where the brand showcases all their latest products and discounts, bestsellers of the year, and exclusive freebies and gift vouchers.

There is an ongoing roadshow at the Chevron House, starting November 16 and 17, from 10 to 6 PM. Like the previous roadshows, customers can drop in, try different products and inquire about which bestselling products best fit their needs and lifestyle. The Phiten staff are there to help them out, answer all their questions and give them an insight into the products the customers are curious about.

The crowd for Phiten roadshows is often a mix of loyal customers repurchasing their favourites or trying out the latest releases or new faces curious about the incredible range of products. There are also a lot of early Christmas shoppers who want to tick a few people off their “To Shop For” list. Phiten products are great gifts for the Holiday Season because everyone wants and needs to be healthier, whether she’s a stay-at-home mom or a sports enthusiast.

Every Phiten item is permeated with different metals, like Gold, Palladium, and Titanium. It’s the only company able to break down these metals, combine it with water and infuse them into a wide range of products. That process is what makes benefits, like alleviating pain, enhancing blood circulation and reducing stress, exclusive and exponentially effective.

If you’re curious about the technology that makes these products so effective, it’s best to see them up close and get a free demo from the staff. You can do that at the Chevron House Roadshow. The products they don’t demo, you can definitely ask about. It’s also a great way to update yourself on their newest releases, like their Toe Massager and Zero Feeling Pillow.

Not only will you be able to get to know the brand and these new or bestselling products better, Phiten is also giving away exclusive vouchers for the Chevron House Roadshow. You can use them in any Phiten store in the country for any product you please. With all these great things in store for you, it’s always a good idea to stop by.