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Hand towels, bath towels, beach towels, sports towels, all do their turn at drying and helping keeping us clean. We use towels as a decoration in the bathroom, and towels for drying up washed crockery and cutlery. But, do you consider the best type of towel to buy for the particular job when you shop for them? Buying the right sort of towel will have them lasting you and looking good for a very long time before they start to look threadbare. Probably, your bath towel is the member of the home that you put to work the hardest.

Towel fabrics

Towels are measured in a fabric weight with a gram per meter (GSM) number used for referring to the density of the fabric of the particular towel. The lower GSM towels are thinner and lighter. These then, are ideal for the beach, or sports towels, as they can be folded into a beach or a gym tog bag with ease. The thicker towels with a higher GSM are ideal in your bathroom for wrapping cozily round your body after a shower or bath.

Although most towels are made of cotton, the ones sold for use daily are of standard cotton, whereas, the towels that are luxurious, ultra-soft, and more expensive are made from Egyptian cotton. These have loops that are longer, and more-fibrous threads, which means, there are more moisture-absorbing loops per inch. Some of the luxury bath towels are actually made with a mix of synthetics and cotton to give them a shinier look. So, be a wary customer when buying better quality towels and check the label to see if it is 100% Egyptian cotton.

Buyers, who are eco-conscious, look for organic cotton bath towels or towels made from bamboo. The bamboo towels in comparison to cotton towels have a velvety feel about them and have natural mildew-resistant qualities.

There are now specialty towels, made of engineered microfiber. They differ from the natural cotton products, as they are lighter and thinner, have a suede-like texture and are most absorbent. They are ideal for mopping up, cleaning, and for the wringing out of wet hair.

At Phiten Online Store you can buy Phiten Aquatitan Sports Towels, quality Imabari towels infused with AquaMetal technology. The Phiten brand partnered with the famous Japanese towel producer to create a premium quality towel with high water absorbency and Phiten AquaMetal technology.

The Aquatitan sports towel is 100% cotton reviving you with a soft feeling texture, and a relaxing difference.

History of towels-phiten singapore

History of the Towel

The Turkish city of Bursa is regarded as the towel inventor during the 17th century. The Turkish towel was called a pestamel and was a woven piece of narrow embroidered cloth long enough to wrap around the body. It was most absorbent and light even when wet. During the 18th century, the towels began to be made with a looped fabric, but, were only affordable for the mass public in the 19th century. Cotton terry towelling, through mechanization, was then stocked by the shops and sold as the pre-made towels we know.