Technology today has advanced in leaps and bounds including sporting activities and their associated potential injuries.  Weak body parts are now taped before an event for added support, and the tapes themselves can roughly be divided into specific categories of supportive, compressive, and corrective.

Phiten tapes Supportive Tape

Supportive tape is the most common type of tape used for sports and athletic activities by various sports teams prior to taking part in an event. It comes in half an inch to  two inches wide. This type of tape is used for limiting and supporting the movement of a specific joint. As it is porous, it follows the form of the joint being taped. With the rise of the body temperature, it slings in a cast-like fashion to support the taped area. Usually, these tapes are worn for a specific athletic activity, for the ankle, wrist, hand, or fingers and are usually applied by the athletic trainers.

Larger cotton elastic tape, with rubber based adhesive is designed to give maximum support for shoulders, elbows, and knees, and is known as strong tape. They come from 2 – 3- inch sizes.  This type of tape is commonly used to support ankle sprains and Achilles heels.

At Phiten Singapore stores, there is a range of supporters developed through the Phiten Aqua Metal technology for body care, health, and well-being. All Phiten products include Aqua Metal, a form of technology enabling metal to be dispersed in water.

The difference between Phiten power tape and titanium roll tape

  • Power tape has limited application as it is not elastic. The strong adhesiveness is coated with carbonized titanium, keeping the tape secure for a long time. Power tape X30 contains Micro Titan Ball as well. Micro Titan Ball is unique micro-sized titanium powder manufactured through Phiten technology.
  • Titanium Roll Tape is stretched elastic and easy to attach to joints such as knee or elbow, or to wide muscle areas such as the back or thigh. Through its excellent breathability, there is less chance of any skin irritation.

Phiten Power TapePhiten titan banCorrective Tape

Corrective tape is cloth-based and has pressure grooves cut into the tape as well as elastic content for controlling the amount of tape applied. Corrective tape was developed in Japan in 1973 and has a number of benefits.  It is beneficial for supporting muscles, correcting joint problems, and decreasing pain. This tape is available in pre-cut strips or in rolls and can be worn for three or four days. It does not cause any sensitivity or skin irritation.

Compression Tape

Compression tape is used for giving a light support or for covering other tapes, particularly for athletes taking part in sand sports. They are of a light plaster and can be useful for ankle taping or for holding an under tape in place. Good for elbows, wrists, and hands, as it has a light compression with a minimal restriction for joint mobility.