Rakuwa X100 Leather Touch

Ultimate Performance Gear, an amalgamation of the best performance and design, is the performance gear to support those who continue to battle in different fields. The supportive actions can be said to be the mission of Ultimate Performance Gear. We are proud to present the new item “Leather Touch”, the bracelet that adds in stylish elements and able to match in different fields.

  • The cord is permeated with Aqua Titan “X100”, 100 times more concentration than standard level.
  • Leather-like texture is using on the cord instead of genuine leather. Colors on the cord would not fade by sweating and it would not dirt the cuffs when in a business scene.
  • Pure titanium is used on the clasp part. The combination part in the central of the fastener has been shaped up in a smart form.
  • The X100 Leather Touch set consists of the stylish pouch and 2 coloured cords (brown and black),  available in 2 sizes (43cm or 34 cm). The cord can be changed to match with different styles and fields.
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Price: $238.00

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Rakuwa X100 Leather Touch Rakuwa X100 Leather Touch